About us

Photographer for 25 years, Gilles Philippot started with fashion photography, then he preferred the report and the portrait. If you are curious about his pics, you can visit his web site: www.gillesphilippot.com


A French magazine once commissioned him to report on the history of the t-shirt. It started in a cotton field in Atlantic City and ended in New York focusing with art in T-shirt! It can be a premonitory sign!


GillouParis is his brand, born in 2017 from the simple idea of giving another life to some of his pics on his favorite (and unique) clothing, the Tee!

Here are some of his originals pics and the Tees related. The common point of each visual is that there is only one catch, a snapshot, a moment.


Everyone thinks this picture is a staging. It is not

During a fashion photo shoot, someone
pointed out to me that my little dog (which I took
everywhere) was in great conversation with the

I just shot a flash and captured the moment!


On a rainy november day in Paris I ‘ve seen this
man decided in his approach, impeccable in his

In this post-Cold War setting, who could he be ..
a spy?


When luck smiles on you and a picture is offered to you simply,
leaving the metro …

This vision immediately reminded me of the legendary title of
Led Zeppelin.


I made a short film in which a stewardess was actually a
serial killer;)

This photo is taken from the scene showing her arrival

at Paris ‘s airport.